Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September New Release Blog Hop

Let's give a warm Dudeville Holla welcome to the newest characters (I mean Dudes) moving into the neighborhood.  One of the guys must not have gotten the email about dressing up in his favorite costume (or maybe the email didn't get sent and this is their everyday attire).  You decide and let us know.  Whichever way you decide, it's time for the Dude Time Doodles September New Release Blog Hop.  They will all be available in the DTD store by 10am EST.

Our blog hop is circular, meaning there is no specific beginning or ending.  Just keep going until you've visited each of the Dude/Dudettes.  Be sure to leave a comment with each of us as one of us is the Mystery Host.  The lucky winner of a DTD image will be chosen from that person's comments.  No one knows who it is. 

As we get new Dudes moving into Dudeville Holla, every now and then we also have to say goodbye.  Today is one of those days when we need to say "see you later" to one of the Dudettes - Charlene.  This is her last post as a Dudette and we hate to see her go, but know that we'll be seeing her around blogland.  Thanks so much Charlene for all the wonderful creations you've inspired us with.

Now on to the hop.  Here's a sneak peak of Twyla Twilight from Sharon

Your first stop should be Mags.  In case of technical difficulties, here's the Blog Hop list for your hopping pleasure:
Leah Ann (guest designer)

Enjoy the Hop and come back and join us next week for our First Wednesday Challenge.

Thank you! 
Dude Time Doodles 


NanaConnie said...

Great hop and fantastic new release! At least two of these will have to come home with me. :-D

Unknown said...

Everyone has done a fabulous job, great new release!

CraftyGirl said...

Great hop from beginning to end. Love the new additions to Dudesville.
All the DT's did a wonderful job.



Sharon said...

Fantastic creations with these great new releases!!!!

Bonnie said...

Just finished the blog hop & it was great!! I love Halloween & I really liked the werewolf image.