Tuesday, August 30, 2011

September New Release Blog Hop

Welcome!  Welcome!!

All the Dudettes are so glad to see you today!  We have been having a ball celebrating Dude Time Doodles first birthday.  The Scavenger Crawl is going strong and you can still join in the fun here.  The Crawl doesn't end until next Tuesday evening, September 6th and there are many prizes to get your hands on.  Even a $20 gift certificate to the Dude Time Doodles store.

We have new citizens joining the Dudeville family each month and today we'll be introducing you to a few more.  We've hired a new postman and lawn boy.  Fanny Beach and Cleeve Climber are sharing some of their summer family vacation photos with us.  Ted Tight End came back into town for football training camp after the NFL lockout ended.  Hagar the Horrible and Fanny Witch are also on hand for the opening of Dudeville's new Halloween costume store.  We welcome them to our family with open arms. 
(At least until one of them gets caught being naughty!!)

Without further riff raff from me, 
let's begin our hop with Chrissy D.
(Hey, that rhymes!)

Chrissy's been feeling puny lately and Dr. Strangeglove gave her strict orders to stay in bed.  So, she will not be joining us for the hop.  All of us at Bonibleaux Designs and Dude Time Doodles wish her a speedy recovery and can't wait for her to get back to her craft table!  Be sure to leave her some love and get well wishes here and we'll be sure she gets them.

Now we're going to send you scampering over to Anne's blog.  She's sure to have some spectacular project to show you.  But, just in case you get lost here's all of the stops along the way.

Our hops are always circle hops.  So, no matter where you get on as long as you go full circle, you'll see each and every new image being released today.

  One lucky winner will receive one Dude Time Doodles image FREE!!  All you have to do is comment - a lot.  Leave love everywhere you hop, because you never know if that Dudette will be named the MYSTERY HOSTESS!!

All of the new images will be available in the store starting at 10 AM EST on August 31st.


To make room for the new citizens of Dudeville, Dude Time Doodles will be putting all Halloween images (excluding Hagar and Fanny Witch) on sale for 50% off before they move away from Dudeville forever!!  The sale starts tomorrow, September 1st and will run throughout the month.  Grab these great images while you still can!!  

Thank you! 
Dude Time Doodles 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Annual Dudeville Hollow Scavenger Crawl

How dee!!!

The day is finally here!

It's time to celebrate Dude Time Doodles' birthday with our First Annual Dudeville Hollow Scavenger Crawl.  The band is performing their sound check.  The athletes are stretching.  Chef Burly Becky has the viddles all set out ready to eat and Mayor Boni will be here to start off the festivities.

We want to welcome our special guests and YOU.  We hope to inspire you and give away some goodies as we celebrate The Dudes turning one-year old. 

  The Dudettes and their special guests have created some awesome projects for this event.  As you "crawl" through their blogs, you'll need to search for the items on our scavenger list posted below.  The items you are looking for are ones that most dudes cannot - or maybe they can - live without.

Scavenger List

1.  rubber ducky

2.  fire hose

3.  maps

4.  money

5.  baseball bat

6.  rake

7.  green tights

8.  straw

9.  fire balls

10.  motorcycle

11.  bingo card

12.  ball and chain

13.  rays of sunshine

14.  musical note

15.  badges

16.  mug of beer


Copy and print the list.  As you crawl through the blogs, search for the items in the projects displayed.  As you find an item, make note of whose blog you found the item on.  The item should have a corresponding Dudette or Special Guest.

Once you have completed the crawl and have collected all the items, email your list to cmm5569@yahoo.com.  Only correct, full complete lists will be entered for a chance to win a $20 gift certificate from Dude Time Doodles.  The winner will be picked from the correct entries the evening of September 6th and announced here.  That gives you two weeks!!

This is a circle crawl, so no matter where you start, as long as you go full circle, you'll see everything there is to see.  But in case you get lost, you can always come back here and begin again.

Dude Time Doodles - Special guest - Marlene
Special guest – Theresa
Special guest – Shelly
August Guest Designer - Sammibug
Special guest - Hetty

 Several of our Dudettes and special guests are giving away prizes as well.  So be sure to keep your eyes peeled for extra goodies along the way and follow whatever requirements they might have for their prizes.

Shush.  Pipe down.

Mayor Boni is stepping to the mike.  Let's hear what she has to say.

tap  tap  "One.  Two.  Testing." tap  tap "Welcome!  To the first ever Dudeville Hollow Scavenger Crawl!!!"  roars of applause and cheering  "I want everyone to be safe out there as they crawl through the blogs.  Remember to watch for the special items on your list and follow the rules to win.  Also, remember that our Halloween images will be 50% off starting September 1st in the store."  

"Get ready." 

anticipation in the crowd

"Get set."  

fingers at the ready

The crawl starts here with one of our resident artists, Marlene.

Your next visit on the crawl is with Anne.

Keep your scavenger list handy and good luck!!

Thank you! 
Dude Time Doodles 

WINNER'S CIRCLE - August Inspirational Challenge


It's time to announce the winners of the August Inspirational Challenge.  We had some fantastic entries on our "Make it Sporty" challenge.  So good to see new participants.

Our Top Blog winner is...
(hit it Tammy)

Our Top Three winners are...


Ladies, please grab your badges and display them prouding on your blogs.

We appreciate you visiting and playing along with are crazy challenges.

Be sure to return tomorrow for our First Annual Dudeville Hollow Scavenger Crawl!  There's sure to be some fun and I know there are goodies!!

Thank you! 
Dude Time Doodles 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Dudeville Holla Scavenger Crawl

Don't forget to mark your calendars for this Wednesday, August 24th.

Stop by for a visit and participate in the

First Annual

Dudeville Holla

Scavenger Crawl

There will be many prizes and fun to be had by all.

Thank you! 
Dude Time Doodles 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August Inspirational Challenge


Wow, is everyone sweating?  What about water logged?  Or possibly digging out of snow drifts of record porportion?

Texas is having record high temperatures.  New England is having excessive flooding.  And New Zealand, well, they are having unprecedented snow fall.  I hope everyone is happy, healthy, and cool, dry, and warm!

Today marks our monthly inspirational challenge.  I'll give you a photo...here it is...

...and I also give you an extra push towards a theme.  This month it's to make your project sporty!!  That's right, with the NFL Lockout over, college and high school football starting in full swing in a couple weeks, and volleyball also starting soon, I've decided we need to celebrate our sports!

The Dudettes agreed with me and created some great projects to help you get your mojo working.  Let's see what they've been working on.

Linda is revving up Dale Isenhardt's motor with her tribute to the racing sports.

Penalty Pat is making the call for Ginny's creation.

Dawn's tribute to the surfing world has Waylon Waves hanging ten.

Football Phil is running for the touchdown on Lynn's team.

Some people might think Kyle Karate is only wanting to be able to protect himself, but Michelle knows it's really a sport.

Armchair Arnie and Tammy (okay and a lot of other people as well) believe that chugging beer should become an Olympic sport!

Banjo picking is an official competition at the Dudeville Holla Scavenger Crawl.  Chrissy plans on entering with Cletus.

NanaConnie and Football Phil know that football rules the land in the USA.

Anne knows you've got to start somewhere and Youth Football is where it's at.

Soccer rules across the pond in England for Rocco Soccer and Ruth.

Rodeo is the official sport of Texas!  Cleota has Rodeo Randy ready for his calf roping championship run.

And when all is said and done, Sammibug reminds us that Santi Beaches and some R&R is always the best.

Wow! The Dudettes are very passionate about their sports.  

The Rules of the Game
1. Use the photo / color inspiration and Dudette creations above to get your mojo moving.

2. You are not required to use BDD images although it would make us really really happy and 
giggle a lot if you did!

3. MUST be a masculine themed card, you can use humor, innuendo, be a little naughty, 
sarcastic, but it has got to be for a DUDE!

4. Be sure to use the InLinkz below to submit your creation.

Please remember that next week, August 24th, we will be hosting the First Annual Scavenger Crawl.  There will be prizes and a lot of fun to be had.  I hope you'll join us.

Thank you! 
Dude Time Doodles 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

WINNER'S CIRCLE - Winner Guest Designer / Freebie Challenge

It's time to announce the winner of our Guest Designer/Freebie challenge and it is such a pleasure to do so. It was a hard decision but Gavin Ghost has made his choice known so without any further haunting the winner and guest design team member for October is

Please email us so we can get you the necessary information you'll need.

Thank you! 
Dude Time Doodles 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


While others started making snowflakes, snowmen, and cute plump men in red suits attempting to get a head start on Christmas cards, the naughty Dudettes highjacked Dude Time Doodles' resident artist and locked him in a haunted house overnight.  He swears he met Gavin Ghost up close and too personal. We didn't believed him until we saw Gavin with our very own eyes. Naturally, he's a gentle, friendly ghost and wishes to help you get a head start creating for Halloween. 

[Please come back next month for the new freebie challenge]

No die hard rules for this one except to challenge yourself with a FREEBIE and a chance to win a spot as our guest designer on our awesome design team.

1. Use the freebie image above in a humorous creation of astounding creativity and ingenuity (hehehe no pressure)
2. Submit a photo of your creation via InLinkz cache below
3. And on August 16th we will announce our Guest Designer for October.
4. Spread the word - you only have one week - this will be a monthly event so be sure to come back on the 2nd Wednesday of each month and play again!

****NOTE: Please do not share the actual image posted above, but rather send your friends back via link to pick it up. All images are copyright of Bonibleaux Designs and are not intended for resale or swapping without explicit permission by owner. 
Thank you.****

Now to see what apparitions the Dudettes have created to kick of this month's Guest Designer/Freebie Challenge and boy do they love their spirits ghosts!

Once again we are happy to be sponsoring Fetch a Sketch, another opportunity for you to win a $10 gift certificate from Bonibleaux Designs. 

Finally, the Dudettes are counting the days until the Scavenger Crawl that takes place right here on August 24, it's going to be a hoot and you're invited!

Thank you!
Dude Time Doodles

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

WINNER'S CIRCLE - August Sketch Challenge

Time is marching on and it is time to announce the winner of Dude Time Doodles August Sketch Challenge? 

But first, on behalf of all the DUDETTES, thank you for visiting our blogs and leaving some love!  We really appreciate it.

With loads of razzle-dazzle, tons of confetti and loud cheers (our musical section is busy rehearsing for the upcoming Scavenger Crawl) the winners are . . .

Top Blog Winner
Kevin, please email us your image choice from Bonibleaux Designs

The Top Three

Thanks to all that participated. We love looking at all of the entries and we hope that you carry your Badges with pride - YOU EARNED IT!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the new FREEBIE Challenge!

Thank you! 
Dude Time Doodles