Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The 23rd of May and the Cat was away.....

 EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it!  While the diligent Mayor of Dudeville Hollow was busy at work, the creative staff took it upon themselves to sneak into the Mayor's office and wreak havoc!  It seems that someone told the artists at Dude Time Doodles that the Mayor was out on official community business and they were bored so they created what they term as the Welcome to School being out and summer rushing in creation!

Upon questioning the now apprehended artist - his confession went something like this:

"I am Joe Observant. I realized that these little sticky rubby thingys had really bright colors, which then got me to thinking that I want to color, so I started coloring one of my favorite self portrait doodles Lawrence of Lawn (you know because I am so much like Lawrence of Arabia that Mrs. Mayor couldn't resist naming the image after how she sees me - wink, wink - she really does think I'm an Arabian Stud!)....but anyway I saw the cool colors on the rubby thingies, and then this green cardstock literally jumped on the top of the mountainous pile of cardstock that Mrs. Mayor has on hand in case of an emergency (I don't know what emergency she keeps referring to but I'm pretty sure that we will NOT be wallpapering the house or burning it when it gets cold) and then out of the corner of my eye I saw this punchy dohicky that looked like grass or blood oozing down the wall but I digress, and viola the best card ever created by a Dude Time Doodler was born!"

The Mayor of Dudeville Hollow is now issuing a challenge to the design team of Dude Time Doodles who inspired said artist and Mr. Mayor to sneak in to her space and create that they all come up with their own doodle and use it in a card or project that we will showcase on a future blog post. What say you people of Dudeville Hollow? Are you up for the challenge?

Thank you! 
Dude Time Doodles 


Tammy said...

Poor Joe Observant, sorry he was apprehended. I hope he gets to keep the sticky rubby thingys while he's in the slammer so he can color another cheerful card for his loyal fans! Super fun card and post!

Anne Temple said...

Such a fun post and fantastic card. Hope Joe can sneak in again and use some more of that "emergency" stash.

Dawn said...

Fantastic card! Wish I had one of them dohicky things! Got lots of the sticky rubby thingies though!
Hope Joe's okay in the slammer till the Mayor gets back & gives him a free pardon!

-Lou said...

Joe has gone underground- whereabouts currently unknown!