Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Annual Dudeville Hollow Scavenger Crawl

How dee!!!

The day is finally here!

It's time to celebrate Dude Time Doodles' birthday with our First Annual Dudeville Hollow Scavenger Crawl.  The band is performing their sound check.  The athletes are stretching.  Chef Burly Becky has the viddles all set out ready to eat and Mayor Boni will be here to start off the festivities.

We want to welcome our special guests and YOU.  We hope to inspire you and give away some goodies as we celebrate The Dudes turning one-year old. 

  The Dudettes and their special guests have created some awesome projects for this event.  As you "crawl" through their blogs, you'll need to search for the items on our scavenger list posted below.  The items you are looking for are ones that most dudes cannot - or maybe they can - live without.

Scavenger List

1.  rubber ducky

2.  fire hose

3.  maps

4.  money

5.  baseball bat

6.  rake

7.  green tights

8.  straw

9.  fire balls

10.  motorcycle

11.  bingo card

12.  ball and chain

13.  rays of sunshine

14.  musical note

15.  badges

16.  mug of beer


Copy and print the list.  As you crawl through the blogs, search for the items in the projects displayed.  As you find an item, make note of whose blog you found the item on.  The item should have a corresponding Dudette or Special Guest.

Once you have completed the crawl and have collected all the items, email your list to cmm5569@yahoo.com.  Only correct, full complete lists will be entered for a chance to win a $20 gift certificate from Dude Time Doodles.  The winner will be picked from the correct entries the evening of September 6th and announced here.  That gives you two weeks!!

This is a circle crawl, so no matter where you start, as long as you go full circle, you'll see everything there is to see.  But in case you get lost, you can always come back here and begin again.

Dude Time Doodles - Special guest - Marlene
Special guest – Theresa
Special guest – Shelly
August Guest Designer - Sammibug
Special guest - Hetty

 Several of our Dudettes and special guests are giving away prizes as well.  So be sure to keep your eyes peeled for extra goodies along the way and follow whatever requirements they might have for their prizes.

Shush.  Pipe down.

Mayor Boni is stepping to the mike.  Let's hear what she has to say.

tap  tap  "One.  Two.  Testing." tap  tap "Welcome!  To the first ever Dudeville Hollow Scavenger Crawl!!!"  roars of applause and cheering  "I want everyone to be safe out there as they crawl through the blogs.  Remember to watch for the special items on your list and follow the rules to win.  Also, remember that our Halloween images will be 50% off starting September 1st in the store."  

"Get ready." 

anticipation in the crowd

"Get set."  

fingers at the ready

The crawl starts here with one of our resident artists, Marlene.

Your next visit on the crawl is with Anne.

Keep your scavenger list handy and good luck!!

Thank you! 
Dude Time Doodles 


Shelly Schmidt said...

Cash Leaves no Trail......LOL Wonderful image- he can be free to watch sports or golf all afternoon.....! Great card!

Dawn said...

Whoop whoop finally it's time to play!!! Great card Marlene!I'm off on the crawl!
Dawn xx

Linda Simpson said...

Happy 1st Birthday Dude Time Doodles, may we have many more to come. Fabulous Scavenger Crawl, all the cards by special guests and dudettes are awesome.

Linda xxx

Hetty said...

Marlene, your card is a hoot! I love how you combined the dress and the frame just beautifully!

Tammy said...

As always, fun card Marlene! Love the matching dress and frame and the play money is perfect!

Wonderful crawl ladies and thank you Cleota for putting it together!

Boni Boutelle-Jones said...

FABULOUS!! You Girls pulled out all the stops!! Too much fun gotta go leave some loves!!

NanaConnie said...

Love the card, Marlene! Paper piecing her dress is a touch of genius. And the money isn't bad, either!
Great crawl, HiC -- appreciate all your coordinating efforts. Great job!

Cleota said...

I've said it before. I'll say it again. WE ROCK!!! Thanks so much Dudettes and special guests for making this a success!!

Anne Temple said...

Hand it Over is such a great image and I love the matching frame and dress. The play $$$ is great.

Happy Birthday Dude Time Doodles!

Jacilynn said...

congrats Boni! and DT! fabulous work ladies.

Ginny said...

love the money embellishment on this fab card :)

AllisonG said...

Well, that was officially my first scavenger crawl and it was FUN! Thanks so much and happy birthday to Dude Time Doodles. :-)

jimlynn said...

Super card........LOVE the MONEY!!! What a fabulous celebration!

Rufus said...

Wow, has it been a year already?! Congrats! Off to check everything out.

Anne said...

just finished the scavanger hunt.. and wow..so many nice projects.. thanks for sharing...

Gill McCall said...

What a cool idea to celebrate your birthday. love the hunt. Fun card and the colours are fabby.

THERESA said...

Congrats Dudeville,lol, so glad you included me, still love the images to bits!!!
Marlene, love the card, your humour is just OTT!!
lotsa luv

Debbie L said...

Great cards by all of the designers and guest designers. I've had so much fun :)

THERESA said...

Have to congratulate all the dudettes and guests, the eye candy were simply delish!!!
Boni, you still have that special gift in bringing super images to life, thanks for giving us some dude's......lol
lotsa luv always

Susan said...

great card, and the look on his face is so dead on! LOL

Bonnie said...

Cleota is right, YOU GUYS ROCK!!!