Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Featured Artist and Special Dudeville Announcement

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you this special announcement.
Lou, Resident Artist Extraordinaire 
GOOD MORNING DUDEVILLE! This is Robin Robbs and I'm George Steppedinitagain broadcasting from the deck of the beautiful Dudeville Motel overlooking the Waterwater River. The world has gathered here today waiting for what has been billed as spectacular news in the digital art world. While we're waiting, let's have a little chat with Lou, Resident Artist Extraordinaire of Dude Time Doodles.

So tell us Lou, who wears the pants in your family? Funny you ask. 
There seems to have been some confusion about that recently, because apparently our 14 year old son now thinks he does. 

If your son wears the pants in your family who gets to wear the apron?

Boni, definitely. She's an awesome cook. You don't want me doing anything in the kitchen except maybe cleaning it or stocking the fridge with beer.

What inspires you to create the "dudes"? 

Mostly, I just enjoy making up characters and creating something out of nothing. Boni sort of feeds me suggestions to work on, but sometimes ideas will just pop into my head and I'll know exactly what I want. But either way, it seems that quite often the ones I don't think that much of and put the least effort into are the ones people seem to enjoy the most. So, in general, I try not to think to much.

I think I speak for a lot of people when I say we really loved the "Arnie on the loo" image. Was this an accurate self-portrayal? Did Boni put you up to it?
It wasn't Boni's idea, but I would say that it's fairly accurate, in that Arnie looks completely at ease and satisfied in that particular setting. Men aren't complicated. For us, life is really all about the simple pleasures.

Are you one of those dudes that forgets to put the toilet seat back down? (Are you wondering why you're getting two shitter-related questions in a row?) 

Oddly enough, that's one of the few things I am good about remembering. But I make up for it by never putting things like kitchen utensils away in the same place, or not being able to find my car keys when we are running late for something. I'm basically a space case.

Do you color your images?
Not up until this point, because it's always been about moving on to the next Dude. But lately, now that we have built up a pretty decent sized inventory, I have been thinking about going back and doing just that. 

Given the choice, would you rather guzzle beer or stuff your face with salty snacks while drawing your images? 
Beer, hands down. Good beer, though- none of this 55-calorie bilge water they advertise on TV. I'm talking about a brew that tastes almost as good at room temperature as it does cold. Drawing is definitely a beer drinker's pastime, at least until the lines start blurring. Then it's time for a break. For another beer, I mean.

Of all the Dude Time Doodles characters do you have a favorite and if so, which one? 

I like a lot of them, but you know how it is when you look at your own work. Some of the early ones make me cringe a little, but I think I'll always like Jose Hosed because I drew him way before we started any of this. In a way, Jose was sort of the prototypical Dude.

Tell us something really juicy about Boni that would surprise us all. 

Yeah, right- like I'm going to answer THAT question.....

Sorry to interrupt you Lou, but I just received word from our producer that Mayor Boni is nearing the podium. Robin, what's it like down there?

George the air is filled with excitement and shouts of pride rising from Mayor Boni's followers. Just a minute, just a minute. George, the Mayor's cabinet members are taking their seats. Yes, all the Dudettes are now seated so any minute George, we will see the beloved Mayor who has put Dude Time Doodles on the map. Oh George, the applause and hoot-hoots are deafening, this town loves their Mayor.


Testing.  One.  Two.  Three.  Testing.  Ahem...

Hello fair people of Dude Time Hollow, as Mayor of this wonderful city it is always a pleasure to see you all here! I've got some very exciting and late breaking information to share...Dude Time Dooldes has been working overtime on a very top secret project and the cabinet members and I would like to announce that the illustrious, beautiful, and snarky Marlooney has joined the Dude Time Doodles team as a feature artist! Yes, folks it is true and here to confirm her acceptance of the Dude Time Doodles artist position is...our....very....own.....MARLOONEY!! We will take questions from the press at this time....

(the crowd goes wild)

Illustrious Beautiful Snarky Marlooney
Robin waving her hand......Marlooney....?

If you were a t-shirt, what would be written on you and why?

Do not disturb. Disturbed enough already.

If I came to your home and looked in the refrigerator, what would I find?

Diet Pepsi, Leftover Pizza and the biggest jar of dill pickles you ever laid eyes on. (They're for my cheeseburgers.)

What sparks an idea for an image?

I tend to model many of them after myself....and other stupid things people do.

Do you start by creating the sentiment or an image? 
It depends. Sometimes I have a sentiment in my head and other times I just doodle and see where it takes me....and then spend hours thinking up something snarky to go with it.

When you cook do you prefer Duncan (Heinz) or Betty (Crocker) or are you a scratch cook? Scratch, scratch, scratch. Scratch my back. A little to the left. Lower. Oh. Food. Yes....from scratch. I don't like boxed crap much.

If by chance you were stranded on a deserted island, whom would you like to be stranded with and would you continue to draw and make cards? 

I choose George Clooney and ummmm.... No cards. No drawing. (evil grin)

Are any of your images self-portraits? 

Hello?! Can you not see the resemblance between me and Fanny Fart? We're both incredibly proud of our poofs.

Who would win a battle between a ninja and a pirate? 

The pirate. a) He has the advantage of smelling bad. b) He doesn't wear a stupid mask so he loses no peripheral vision. c) He's probably drunk as a skunk, and therefore, fearless.

If you weren't making cards, what other craft would you do? 

Shart Art. No wait. I was being facetious. Scrapbooking....knitting....and lately I've had a wee bit of an itch to start sewing again.

Besides the obvious, world peace, good health for your family, if you were walking along the beach and found a bottle with a genie in it, what three wishes would you make?

Money, money, money. That's three, right? Ok....besides about to live near the Rockies. I love mountains. (That's #2.) No. 3 is rather unconventional. You see, I have a pretty strong gag reflex. Combined with my proclivity of expelling noxious fumes, the two don't go hand in hand. How about a stronger gag reflex? (Come on, I HAVE to fart....otherwise I'd blow up!)

Which craft supplies could you not live without? 

The list could go on and on, my friends...but I'll give you my top three. My 3M ATG gun. My older than dirt guillotine cutter that could easily slice my hand off if I felt like fashioning a hook. My Copic markers.


To see firsthand what will be available at Bonibleaux Designs starting today, please visit the blogs of the following lovely Dudettes and please be sure to leave some love.

This program has been made possible by Bonibleaux Designs and is solely responsible for its contents. 
Thank you! 
Dude Time Doodles 


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Boni Boutelle-Jones said...

Awesome article! Welcome to the wild bunch Lou and Marlene!!

-Lou said...

Hilarious article and even funnier pictures- it was still a little early when I saw this and I about sprayed my coffee everywhere. Good job!

Tammy said...

Yikees! How exciting to know that Robin and George from Good Morning Dudeville where here! Awesome and to both artists, keep the funnies coming!

Marlene said...

Ha ha ha...laughed my arse off at Lou's answers.

Glad to be hopping aboard the crazy train! Thanks for the intro!

Rufus said...

Hilarious post! Welcome to Marlooney. Sounds like a match made in heaven to me!
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Gotta love Marlooney. She never ceases to amaze and you were smart to add her to your team. Clearly, Lou is another creative wit too. This looks like a fun place. You've got a new follower.

Tracy said...

You guys are to funny.

Funny answers Marlene, you are one blog I alway come to for a good laugh. I'm laughing with you of course ;)

Shelly Schmidt said...

Looks like a fun party! I look forward to seeing what you both create- and I so enjoy the chuckle! Both of your favorite images are R/T being relaxed enough to....let it go! LOL Love you all!

W.C.Camp said...

Really enjoyable insights into the artists. Thanks!! W.C.C.

DonnaMundinger said...

So this explains it all! LOL You guys are hilarious! Congrats Marloony on joining the team! No big surprise, though. LOL xxD